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Want to contribute to the All 4 Inclusion Blog?

If you want to contribute to the All4Inclusion blog, comment below and let me know. My favourite blogs to read are lived experienced stories or educational blogs.

Some people prefer to read about tips and life hacks, others may prefer to read poetry or short stories. You can share photos from a day out or post about an All4Inclusion event that you attended.

There are lots of different things that people can share and we have started to help you follow the blogs you want with categories to help you filter.

If you read a blog I'd love it if you leave a comment so the author and others can see what you felt about it.

If someone contributes a lot of posts we will allow you to filter so you find all their posts.

As always, feedback is really important to us. If you have any, please let us know.

I'm looking forward to reading some of your writing. Scott

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Jun 20

Hi Scott: I’m a professional singer/actor and choir leader. I’m not a blogger. However, I’d like to join All 4 Inclusion and write a few words each week, to see how I get on? I have hearing, memory and mobility issues. Thanks, Rona Topaz

Scott Whitney
Scott Whitney
Jun 22
Replying to

Hi Rona, I will send you an email and we can have a quick walkthrough of the system. Be great to have you involved.

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