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Annual meet up

On Friday we had our annual face to face meeting.

Like last year it was great to meet some people face to face that we haven't met before.

Next year, we will be heading to the South Coast to take All 4 Inclusion on tour and allow people from the South to come without the trek up North. We will try to announce a date and venue late this year.

People who were unable to make the event asked about similar events that we may be able to do. The difficulty is finding a venue that will allow us to book a room at a low cost. It's something we will bear in mind and try and make it happen. I'm grateful to everyone who came and made the event the fun and relaxed day it was.

Some messages left on our feedback and gratitude boards include:

"I am grateful for the lovely community I met today"

"All the love in the room"

"Happy that I could be here with all these lovely people"

"I enjoyed it today and being all in one room"

"Great to speak to people, learn new things and hear all the great things All 4 Inclusion are doing. Keep up the great work"

"Lovely space with loads of room for our wheelchairs. Fun chats and connections I've made. Very happy to have been invited and can't wait to stay in contact with this amazingly fun and friendly group"

"Looking forward to next year"

Please click the next button to slide through some photos taken by Victoria Davies and Myra Whitney.

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