When a legend meets ……….. Scott


On his mini-tour connecting with others working in the disability and inclusion space, Isaac Harvey contacted Scott to see if they could meet. A talented freelance video editor, Isaac was voted the most influential disabled person in 2021.

The ‘legend’ Isaac (left) with Scott in Manchester city centre. 

They took the tram to Media City, discussing the accessibility of this mode of transport. It got a thumbs up although they saw flaws if people in wheelchairs got on the tram using the wrong door by accident.

Isaac has been using a lot of public transport recently with his friend Ross who has accompanied him on the journey capturing scenes on video for Isaac to edit when he gets home.

Isaac is meeting with many people including Mental Health & Disability Ambassador Nick Wilson, a virtual reality studio, and many great connections. 

Isaac was born with a disability called limb pelvic hypo aplasia which in short means no arms and short legs. He uses his feet to edit his videos and the results are brilliant.

He finds the time to give back to the disability community as he is President of Wheels and Wheelchairs a group that meets up at weekends with adapted wheelchairs that allow rollerskaters to sprint around the park pushing members in their wheelchairs. I can imagine taking a corner to be exhilarating. Isaac isn’t long back from doing this in Turkey from an event earlier in the year. 

After discussing what they are currently working on and their own future plans they discussed possible collaborations in the future and ideas for the next meeting (although that may be social only).

“It was awesome to meet Isaac, I really admire the work he is doing to raise awareness in the disability community”, Scott commented. “Isaac has a strong profile but is very down to earth and we will continue to support each other going forward. Keep your eyes out for some joint ventures, we haven’t confirmed any yet, but I think it is inevitable with our similar views.”


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