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We are pleased to announce the first of our four new ambassadors, CEO and Founder of WelcoMe and Button, Gavin Neate.

If you want to Welcome more customers to your business and help train your staff on how to support disabled customers visit WelcoMe (wel-co.me)

I asked Gavin to introduce himself (see below).

Man with white cane being assisted by lady in hi vis jacket

I’m Gavin. I’m a 54 year old fella born in England but raised in Scotland and now the CEO of a tech company. I’ve had a varied career working in the Royal Airforce for 10 years as a Police Dog Handler and 18 years for Guide Dogs for the Blind as a Mobility Instructor. I enjoy an alternative lifestyle and find that mixing my life between living in a motorhome and house sitting full time I have a chance to enjoy living across the whole of the country whilst managing my company.


Whilst working for Guide Dogs for the Blind I had an increasing feeling that technologists weren’t including solutions which could support the needs of disabled people. In 2012 I started a company to directly address this and now have two products, WelcoMe and Button. WelcoMe is the worlds first “disability awareness training by proximity” service and Button is the worlds first smart phone operated pedestrian crossing system.


Over the past three years it has become increasingly obvious to all that not only that disabled people are discriminated against in face to face interactions but also as society becomes more insular that loneliness and isolation is increasing amongst this demographic. As 2023 progresses I am looking to prove it is possible to halt this degeneration through the employment of technology as a conduit for human interaction.

Gavin Neate on stage

Business thrives when it has the ability to personalise each visitors experience. This is imperative for disabled people not only as their access and communication needs might require a little more thought but also for customer service representatives who prefer to avoid embarrassing and often discriminatory interactions. WelcoMe has been developed to help business improve its customer service interactions. I am looking forward to the world seeing what is possible with proximity based personalisation.

If you wish to book a demo of WelcoMe with Gavin and his team, you can do so by emailing


Keep your eyes opened for our second ambassador who will be revealed on Monday. They have produced a short video to introduce themselves to you.

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