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Did you know that Government statistics show there are around 13 million people with disabilities in the UK?

Around 3.8 million people with a disability are in employment.

It is thought that 96% of illnesses are hidden or invisible meaning you won’t know about them unless a person tells you – and often people don’t like to talk about their disabilities for fear of lack of understanding or acceptance from their employer or work colleagues.

We want employers to encourage employees to ask for help if they have a disability so that they can more easily overcome obstacles and barriers in the workplace and contribute more to the employer’s business or organisation and wider society.

How Do We Help Businesses?

We help businesses such as cinemas, hotels, restaurants, contact centres/call centres, shops, and bus companies to recognise that whilst they may be compliant with all relevant legislation the experience of many people with a disability (which can often be hidden) is still difficult and stressful.

We work to raise awareness amongst these types of businesses of the practical issues facing people with disabilities and how these businesses can make adjustments to improve accessibility and therefore be more inclusive.

We do this by running online workshops for managers and supervisors to provide them with the skills to identify obstacles – and then practical strategies to overcome these obstacles for employees with a disability.

For more information about how we may be able to help your business or organisation be more inclusive for all your employees, please contact us on 0330 122 6628 or via our Contact Us page

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