By John McDonald | LinkedIn

“My head constantly pounds

With ringing in my ears 

And I’m sensitive to sounds

 Often I am dizzy

With an aching stomach 

Life always keeps me busy 

 My brain feels like something crushing 

As I smile though

The morning of rushing

 And my body makes me look like a burke 

As without warning 

I give a sudden jerk

All these symptoms I have are not new

I often think to myself 

If I was a horse they would make me into glue. 

And my hope is to be

Just for a moment 

Have my body pain free

Until that moment is here

I will try my best

To greet you with good cheer

If I’m not so cheery

Don’t take it to heart

It’s because I’m just weary 

I don’t like to upset nice folk like you

So when you ask how I am

I will answer with I’m tickety boo.”

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