Our podcasts are not here to provide answers but to start conversations.

The episodes are currently listened to in over 30 countries and topics tackled include someone who was dismissed for being disabled, conditions not being diagnosed until later in life and how disability can happen to anyone.

We are grateful to our guests, both from the UK and overseas, who give of their time freely in order to be interviewed and share their experiences or expertise for us all to learn from.

Please share our podcasts (and this website) with your friends and family in case they may be of interest to them.

We truly believe that businesses and organisations that take the time to better understand the obstacles and barriers that people with either physical or hidden disabilities have AND then work to overcome those obstacles and barriers will benefit by creating happier workplaces where people with disabilities can work more effectively which leads to lower absenteeism, lower staffing costs due to lower staff turnover, and higher productivity which usually means higher profits and better engagement.

In other words, being inclusive isn’t some trendy idea, but, strategically, a smart thing for businesses and organisations to take seriously!

Enjoy the podcasts and please leave us your comments and feedback.

Podcasts Tasters

If there are certain topics you want us to cover or types of disabilities you want us to feature, please let us know via our Contact Us page.
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