December the 3rd is International Persons of Disability Day.

It was created by the UN in 1992 to celebrate disabled people across the globe. As the day is now 30 years old, I want to look back at how the world was 30 years ago.

  • Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You was number one in the charts
  • John Major was Prime Minister and Bill Clinton defeated George H W Bush in the US presidential election
  • King Charles III and Diana, Princess of Wales announce their separation
  • The Church of England votes to allow women to become priests

What was technology like in 1992?

The first web browser was not built until 1993. Fax technology was the most advanced electronic communication as the first email was not sent for another three years. FIFA Football by EA Sports is not released for another year.

Text messaging was introduced for the first time in 1992 as 2G is launched. Motorola launched the first ever digital hand sized phone.

CD’s outsold audio cassettes for the first time in 1992 and you were able to store photos on a CD for the first ever time thanks to Kodak.

Whilst we have come a long way in 30 years it still feels that International Persons of Disability Days is unknown to many. It’s certainly not kept speed with technology.


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