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Opinions please… I gently confronted a woman at a supermarket this morning who parked next to me in a disabled spot without a Blue Badge. She told me she usually uses her disabled daughter’s badge but forgot to bring it.

She may have been lying, thinking I would leave her alone if she had a reason, but also it’s not okay to use someone else’s badge without them present, in fact it’s meant to be a £1k fine, so equally not good.

What do supermarkets do to curb to use of their disabled parking by non-disabled people? I constantly find cars, taxis, delivery vans etc parked without Blue Badges, often when it’s busy. One time I was completely blocked in by a large van that parked at an angle.

Excuses people have given me are varied:

“Where else am I meant to park?”

“Everyone does it.”

“Got a permit.” (No permit)

“Just popping in.”

“There are other spaces free.”

“They don’t give tickets, so it’s fine.”

“Only got two years to live mate. Sod off.”

I realise that some disabilities are invisible, so I would never make assumptions, but when someone doesn’t have a badge & dashes into the shop it certainly is easy to think they’re not genuine.

The council doesn’t do anything about infringements on private property & when I’ve reported infringements in-store nothing has been done. Are the disabled spots just a token gesture?

What is your opinion? Have your say in the comments below.

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Image of Dan Tee in a Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome banner

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