First Webinar Was A Success


Our first webinar, Women with Disability in Business was enjoyed by all in attendance.

The inspirational Sara Flay opened by saying that someone took a chance on her years ago, and she grasped it with both hands.

As she became more experienced, she learned to focus on what matters most to her. Supporting getting people with disabilities into employment and ensuring that employers are providing all of the right support for them.

She closed by saying if you need someone to support you, she will be that person.

Andrea Edwards from MOVE took the second speaking slot. Andrea is a successful Liverpool based business owner who loves to support others and helping to see them grow.

Andrea spoke about how she hid her dyslexia from many for years but now uses it as her superpower.

She fought for the rights of neurodivergent children with a local school. When they were unable to make changes due to cost, Andrea funded these herself.

Finally, Julia Wingfield told how an accident changed her life. Julia was always driven, but her focus led to her supporting many others.

Julia told those in attendance that if you want to progress in business, it’s important to have the right people around you. This is whether you’re disabled or not.

You can watch some of the webinars on our youtube channel – All4inclusion – YouTube

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