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We run regular events to help support disabled people, those living with health conditions and businesses.

Please click the event titles below for further details.

You can book on to all events here All4Inclusion CIC Events | Eventbrite

Lived experience support groups

We call our first lived experience support group Disability and Wellness Conversation. They take place fortnightly on a Tuesday evening from 19.00 to 20.30.

It is a free group and a safe place to discuss anything that you wish. This could be something you have achieved that could help someone else, asking for support or just giving the group an update on something you have been working on.

We have a number of regular attendees for this group and new people are always welcome to join in. Please remember although this is a free group you must book via our Eventbrite page.

Monthly Webinars

Taking place on a Tuesday evening once a week, all speakers volunteer their time to use their own lived experiences to educate those in attendance.

We choose subjects that we believe will allow regular attendees to have an improved and varied knowledge. People attending need to book a ticket via our Eventbrite page, however, if you are part of a Charity please email for a free ticket.

Public Speaking

If you are looking for someone to speak at an event, please email with details of your event.

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