It’s great to be able to introduce Lee Chambers as our third All4Inclusion ambassador. Just like our other ambassadors Gavin and Nate, Lee has previously worked with us providing a talk about masking at one of our webinars.

Lee sat down

He sometimes refers to himself as “The Black Autistic Guy”, but he is much more than that. Lee is a Menopause Ally, a Gender Equality Advocate and Great British Entrepreneur of the Year 2021. As you can see he is driven to helping others succeed.

Find out what Lee said when asked to become an All4Inclusion ambassador below:

All4Inclusion: Who is Lee Chambers?

Lee: That’s a great question. I’m a human being, first and foremost. I’m a father to two wonderful children. I’m a disabled entrepreneur, a black psychologist, and an autistic scientist all rolled into one.

I’m 37 and was born in Bolton, and was the first in my extended family to go to university. I fell out after suffering mental health challenges, but got back and graduated. I secured a graduate scheme with a national bank, but lasted less than a year due to the credit crunch. So I founded a video game business, and grew it across Europe. Life took an unexpected twist when my immune system failed, I lost my mobility and went on a recovery journey. After spending some time as a stay-at-home dad, I realised that my chronic illness was something of a blessing, as it became the catalyst for launching Essentialise, the company I run today.

All4Inclusion: What do you do ?

Lee: Well, I do a lot of things. Supporting companies with wellbeing and inclusion strategies. Delivering training on a variety of topics. Keynote speaking on subjects I’m passionate and knowledgeable about. Media contributions in the news, docuseries and radio. Coach a disability adults football team. Lead a mentorship program for Black female STEM graduates. Be a board trustee for a dementia charity. An enterprise adviser for SEND schools in Lancashire. And plenty more, I am a proactive ally to others who face challenges that I don’t personally encounter.

Lee Chamber talking with a microphone

All4Inclusion: What are you plans for 2023 ?

Lee: I will keep growing Essentialise sustainably and keep challenging the wellbeing industry to be more inclusive. My personal mission over the next 5 years is to positively impact the health and happiness of a million adults and children through my work, so I’m relentless in my pursuit to make a difference. I have a book publishing this year, the Millennials Guide to Wellness, and some very exciting developments in the pipeline that will take me outside of the UK for the first time in my workplace wellbeing journey. I will also be lifting up and ascending with so many other great individuals doing amazing things in the inclusion space, and I am so excited to get the chance to meet everyone finally.

All4Inclusion: What would you like to see businesses do different ?

Lee: There’s a lot I can say to this question, but one of the things I’m most passionate about is companies seeing the value in inclusion, how it promotes innovation, performance, wellbeing and collaboration. That disabled employees have some of the most valuable skillsets if they are considered and supported in an equitable way. Sometimes disabled employees can be the ones who support the business and others; it’s not all one way. Being listened to is vital, and if conditions are made better and inclusive cultures are created, everyone benefits. I’d love businesses to see the intersectional challenges people face, but maybe that’s a step too far! The most important thing for me is that companies are not just talking about inclusion but are doing the work. Inclusion isn’t a marketing campaign; it’s as important as the whole function of marketing itself.

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