29th November 2022, Sandie Roberts hosted our first webinar focused on menopause. Sandie did an excellent job hosting and was able to resonate with our three guest speakers who all shared their own stories.

Prior to the event going live, Sandie mentioned that someone’s experience of menopause is like a fingerprint, meaning that it’s different for everyone.

First up was Corporate Menopause Coach Sarah Cox. After experiencing menopause Sarah gave up a high-flying corporate career to focus on helping businesses to support their employees.

All4Inclusion talks Menopause with Sarah Cox – YouTube

Paralympian Carly Tait spoke next providing us with a very emotional story that impacts her still today. She describes how medical negligence from trusted institutions let her down.

All4Inclusion talks Menopause with Carly Tait – YouTube

Our final speaker was Michelle Jones from Kind Currency. Michelle explained how having the right team around her made a difference.

All4Inclusion talks Menopause with Michelle Jones – YouTube

A massive thank you to Sandra Bentley who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we had three excellent speakers to share their stories with you. We would love to put another menopause evening together for you and as soon as we have three more stories to share, we will plan a date.

If you would like to share your story, please email hello@all4inclusion.org

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