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At All4Inclusion we support all people with a disability – rather than specialise, as virtually all other organisations do, in supporting people with just one specific disability.

By trying to help anyone with any disability we are trying to provide a more ‘holistic’ approach to supporting people.

This may include signposting people to specific specialist support organisations as well as providing opportunities for people, who may have limited social interaction due to their disability, to meet new people through our online ‘networking’ events; or to share their experiences via our podcast or webinars, or to learn about other people’s experiences and how they are trying to live with or overcome obstacles related to their disability.

Hi, my name is Scott Whitney.

I’m the founder and managing director of All 4 Inclusion CIC.

Welcome to All 4 Inclusion CIC.

Just a little about me: until recently, I was a fully-abled and healthy individual with a career that had involved leading numerous teams within large organisations.

I lived and breathed the ethos of All4Inclusion with my leadership and management style.

However, during the summer of 2020, I fell ill.

I am now in a wheelchair. I have just, finally, got a diagnosis. I have ‘functional neurological disorder’.

What an eye-opener it has been for me to see and experience first-hand how people with a disability try and struggle to go about their daily lives!

As a result, I am determined that others do not face the struggles that I have faced.

My eyes have been opened to how society prevents and disables wheelchair users from living a full life.

I am now on a mission to help our society to see what people with a disability have to contend with in their daily lives and I am determined to help businesses and organisations to educate themselves in order to make smarter decisions and become more inclusive.

I have a passion to speak and support others in similar situations and provide coaching to first-line managers regarding how best to support people with disabilities.

It’s likely that you will hear a lot from me as I will host the majority of our podcasts, too!

Founder, Scott Whitney at his desk ready to record a podcast

All 4 Inclusion is a Community Interest Company. Its registration number is 13912609.
It is registered in England & Wales. Its registered office is 9 Chatterton Close, Manchester, England, M20 4HX.

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